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Hey Mom Bloggers!

Posted by carmelncal on 2008.04.17 at 12:33
Hi Mom Bloggers, I am helping Alexis Martin Neely launch her new book, "Wear Clean Underwear: A Fast, Fun, Friendly - and Essential - Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Parents. With her savvy book Wear Clean Underwear, Alexis helps parents understand how important – and easy – legal planning is for parents. You can find out more info on the book at www.wearcleanunderwearbook.com.

So why am I writing you?

For each mom blogger who reviews the book on or before May 7, we will offer a comprehensive Kids Protection Plan counseled and prepared by a celebrity lawyer, Alexis Martin Neely. This is a great value, as an attorney prepared Kids Protection Plan is normally $1,000. And, because Alexis Martin Neely is no longer seeing new clients, this offer is truly priceless.

Let me know if you can review the book by May 7th. We would love your participation. Please contact me at alicia@wealthygirlsummit.com if you are interested.

Wanted to introduce myself

Posted by ericalyric on 2006.12.28 at 21:49
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I noticed there isn't a lot of activity on here, but I thought it would be nice to join a community where everyone has a kid the same age as mine. :)

My name is Erica
My oldest daughter is Kayla, and she is 8.

Not sure what else I should put on here... just wanted to say hi! :)


Posted by rileysmom on 2006.06.17 at 15:02
Mamarevolution.com was started in early winter 2004 by four young mamas who needed a place where they belonged. Too young and alternative for babycenter and too old for the teen based online communities, they struck out to make a home for mamas who just didn’t fit in anywhere else. After a few nights of brainstorming and women sharing their talents, Mamarevolution.com was born.

Mamarevolution is a pro-choice, feminist community who seeks to support, encourage and educate young women and mothers from all backgrounds and cultures. Our goal is to provide the community and support that is so desperately needed as we fight for our rights as parents and women, and to defeat the social stereotypes that surround young or alternative parents.

While we promote breastfeeding and natural parenting, we recognize that each family is unique and has their own set of needs and customs. We respect and support all families and their allies in their quest to raise strong, positive and socially conscious children.


lots of boys clothes!

Posted by littlehounddog on 2006.05.17 at 11:47
Auctions to benefit pet rescue.



Posted by hawaiiangirlie on 2006.01.02 at 21:30
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First post, here's my intro. I'm a single mother of a 7 year old boy. He loves to play video games, surfing cartoonnetwork.com and disneychannel.com on his laptop, playing w/his cousins, making new friends, and hanging w/his mama. He's a rambunctious little guy. He keeps me on my toes and amazes me w/all of his witty little comments. He also embarrasses me w/some of his comments as well, but we all know how that goes. He's a sweetheart and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for him.

kids 06


Posted by annimal on 2005.12.11 at 22:48
I am Anna and our 1998 baby is Aaron. He turned 7 on October 10 and he is a unique child. He certainly marches to the beat of his own drummer. and he is hysterical.

He bowls on Thursdays after school... well two weeks ago, both Brett and I were running late to get him and we were sort of panicked, calling each other on our cell phones thinking how upset he might be when we arrived.

Brett arrived before me, to find the child sitting at the snack bar, finishing a CAPPUCCINO!!!!!!!!! (Neither one of us drink coffee so the child has never been to a starbucks- which we don't have close by- or any other coffee shop!!!) yes, he just walked up and ordered one. ; )

Posted by laytonville on 2005.12.10 at 23:13
Hi. I'm Sara. I'm 28 and my first baby was born in 1998. His name is Nicholas. :) I will post a bigger intro later.


A first post..

Posted by hellloitslate on 2005.12.10 at 17:38
This is just a place for the parents of kids born in 1998 to come and share stories, come for advice, and make friends with people who understand rasing a little one born in '98.